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Shopping Cart Features

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We have customize solution for ecommerce website and well tested with QA - Quality Analizer. You can be assure to have this product and you can start your business ASAP.

  • Front End Featuers
    • Catalog
      • N - Level Category Listing
      • Product Detail with Add to Cart Functionality
      • Product Meta tag, keywords and meta description
      • Prorudct with Attributes
      • Special Product
      • Review of Products after Admin Approval
    • Search
    • Advanced Search - with price, category, Special Offered Products, Discount Type
    • Compare Products
    • Small CMS with Meta information
    • Landing page information with CMS
    • Home page with Latest products
    • Cusomer Account
      • Customer Registration, Login and Account Management
      • Customer Account Profile Management
      • Customer Change Password
      • Customer Order Information with Order Status
    • Shopping Cart
      • Update Product Cart using AJAX
      • Remove Cart Products using AJAX
      • Paypal Standard Checkout
      • Order Thank you page
    • Banner Management
  • Back Office/ Back End/Admin Panel Featuers
    • Admin Management
      • Admin Panel with Login and Forgot Password Functionality
    • Category Management
      • Category with search, add, update, delete, listing and publish/unpublish ability
      • Category Attributes
    • Product Management
      • Product for any Category with Product Name, Set as Special, Old Price and Current Price, Discount with Percentage and Money, Meta information and with search, listing, add/update/delete and publish/unpublish functionality
      • Product Detail Description
    • Customer Management
      • Customer Listing with search, status and customer order listing
      • Customer Order Listing and complete detail and step by step order processing functionality
    • Email
      • Send Mail to Newsletter Subscribed Customers
      • Send Mail to all Customers
    • Import and Export Product from XLS
    • CMS Page Management
    • Static Pages Management
    • Order Note
    • Report
    • Shipping Method
    • Payment Method with ability of live and test mode
    • Site Settings to change website name, Currency, Send and Receive Email Address, Payment Gateway Email Address and Date format etc...

Please let us know your requirement to create your online shopping cart.